July 22nd this would be so yummy with macadamia nut milk
July 22nd

breakfast ; strawberry and mango smoothie, banana

lunch ; olive oil popped popcorn with dried basil, half of a cantaloupe, blueberries

snack ; applesauce with cinnamon

dinner ; cumin, cayenne, and garlic spiced black beans with tomato, yellow bell pepper, purple onion, lemon juice, and sea salt cooked in olive oil over brown basmati rice topped with cilantro

snack ; five almond, honey, and vanilla oat balls

liquids ; two litres of water, three cups of chai tea

forty minutes of cardio on the elliptical 

nourishing myself when i am hungry is healthy and essential!

July 21st berries ❤︎
July 21st

breakfast ; cinnamon and vanilla oatmeal topped with blueberries

lunch ; three pears, kale chips bake with olive oil

snack ; honey sweetened lemon egg custard bar on almond, oat, and coconut oil crust

dinner ; chickpea and raw white corn salad with apple cider vinegar and black pepper

snack ; three plums

liquids ; about two and a half litres of water, three cups of chai tea

forty minutes of yoga

one hour of cardio on the elliptical

fifty bicep curls, left and right

so proud of myself for how healthy i’ve become, in body and mind

July 21st lovely little pink smoothie
July 20th

breakfast ; oatmeal topped with blueberries and chia seeds

snack ; plum, red grapes

snack ; almonds, raisins

dinner ; whole wheat spaghetti with lacinato kale, crushed red pepper, and garlic cooked in olive oil 

snack ; half cantaloupe

snack ; cherries with peanut butter

liquids ; about three litres of water, three cups of chai tea

one hour of cardio on the elliptical

eighty crunches

forty hip raises

sixty leg raises

a little bit of yummy peanut butter has no power to make me feel any less cute!

July 20th pretty, pretty oatmeal ❤︎
July 19th

breakfast ; green grapes

dinner ; white rice topped with tomato, garbanzo beans, and raw white corn

snack ; cherries with cacao nibs

liquids ; about two litres of water, two cups of chai tea, one cup of green tea

one hour of cardio on the elliptical

i am a cute little baby who deserves lots of restful sleep ❤︎

July 19th i’ve been having thoughts about almond milk mochas 
July 19th

weight ; one hundred and seventeen point four pounds

waist ; twenty-six inches

hips ; thirty-five point five inches

though pleasing, these numbers are insignificant. my body is strong and lovely