September 27th

breakfast ; mango and banana smoothie

snack ; clementine

lunch ; brown rice topped with alfalfa sprouts, green olives, and crushed red pepper

snack ; four raisin, peanut butter, coconut oil, cinnamon, and vanilla oat balls 

liquids ; about two and a half litres of water

dreamy little oat balls taste like oatmeal raisin cookie dough!

September 27th
September 27th

weight ; one hundred and nineteen point six pounds

waist ; twenty-six point seven five inches

hips ; thirty-five point seven five inches

nourished and adorable

September 27th lovely peach popsicles
September 27th

breakfast ; mango, banana, and blackberry smoothie bowl topped with puffed millet and chia seeds

lunch ; two slices of sprouted grain bread topped with alfalfa sprouts and crushed red pepper

dinner ; cumin and cayenne spiced white corn and yellow bell pepper cooked in olive oil over white rice

liquids ; about two litres of water, two cups of english breakfast tea

forty minutes of yoga

one mile jog in eleven minutes and sixteen seconds

yoga for my cute little body

September 27th pretty pink smoothie bowl with figs, granola, and dragon fruit! 
September 27th

breakfast ; banana and orange smoothie

snack ; pear, plum

lunch ; dried apricots, three maple syrup and cocoa powder oat balls

snack ; raspberries

dinner ; mung bean sprouts with crushed red pepper and apple cider vinegar cooked in olive oil over brown rice

snack ; watermelon

liquids ; two cups of english breakfast tea

lovely little korean inspired mung bean sprouts!

September 25th
September 25th

breakfast ; banana and mango smoothie

snack ; two pears

snack ; cucumber sushi 

lunch ; cucumber, red bell pepper, tomato, mashed avocado, and dijon mustard sandwich on multigrain bread

dinner ; two whole wheat pitas with hummus and bulgar wheat, parsley, tomato, onion, olive oil, and lemon juice tabbouleh 

liquids ; about two and a half litres of water, cup of english breakfast tea

no shame over yummy food or a happy, nourished body

September 23rd cute little berry crumble!